Getting Started With Colour

GETTING STARTED WITH COLOUR In our last blog, we talked about how you can identify your interior design style. It's not about making pretty rooms. It's about creating a home that makes you feel emotionally connected, gives you a sense of well being and reflects your uniqueness. Achieving this takes a bit of [...]

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Start Your Creative Process With These Simple Steps From Our Masterclass

START YOUR INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT WITH THESE SIMPLE STEPS FROM OUR MASTERCLASS We’re inundated with social media inspiration and short term fads that are seriously seductive, so how do we curate our homes so that they feel genuine and authentic? We're launching a 1 day interior design masterclass introducing the essential ingredients for creating [...]

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Visiting Kettles Yard House

Visiting Kettles Yard House An hour-long stationary traffic queue and then "closed for renovations" meant I abandoned earlier trips. After 30 years, I finally made it to @kettlesyard in Cambridge. I found it quite an emotional visit. Until recently, I've kept my love of Art entirely separate from my job as an interior designer. [...]

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How long does an interior design project take?

How long does an interior design project take? You'll get the best out of your relationship with an interior designer if you understand their processes. Here's a handy guide to the stages and timescales involved in a typical house renovation that doesn't require significant building works. You may be asked lots of questions when [...]

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Artist in focus: Sasha Ward

ARTIST IN FOCUS: SASHA WARD We loved the idea of commissioning art for our Cotswold interior design projects. Britain has a rich history of engaging artists to produce work for public buildings and private houses. Think of period properties and you think of all the gifted artisans who worked on those properties. Their creativity [...]

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