The Art of Flat Weave: Roger Oates

“Authentic materials, rich texture and delicate design balance are core to our artisan heritage.” Roger Oates

Roger Oates and Fay Morgan Oates recreated the Venetian flat weave more than 25 years ago. It all started with a chance invitation from an American client. They were given a scrap of woven textiles and asked if they could reproduce it. They were both so excited by the potential of the product that it became the start of the Roger Oates story.
flat weave
Flat Weave
Flat Weave

Together they created a British made design classic that graces floors and staircases throughout the UK and the world.

Venetian carpeting was initially developed to be used in functional areas like halls, passages and private sitting rooms, unlikely to be seen by guests. The carpet was woven on narrow looms approximately thirty-six inches wide. The small strips could be sewn together to create carpeting for larger spaces.

It had the added advantage that when worn or dirty, the carpets could be turned over and give further use. This method for producing flooring fell out of favour when the broad looms from Axminster and Wilton became popular. It took the creative vision of the Oates team to see the potential in re-developing the product. They recognised that the flooring could work equally well in both traditional and contemporary interiors.

We recently visited their beautiful Herefordshire showroom. We got a sneak preview of their new designs (sorry we can’t share pictures just yet!). We got an inspirational tour behind the scenes and a delicious lunch in the former home of Roger and Fay. It was a glorious Autumn day, but a bit too chilly to be having lunch in their stunning garden.

It was great to see the attention to detail that goes into every order. Each item is carefully checked, all the sewing is done by hand and any bespoke order is sampled on a handloom.

Cotswold Interior Design

We’ve used the bespoke colour service from Roger Oates a couple of times. In both instances, the runners and carpeting linked so many rooms that it was essential to create a flow of colour that gently took you from one space to the next.

Have a look at the two examples below…in both instances colour from either the artwork or the architectural details were the starting point for the flooring colourways.

Flat Weave
Flat Weave

Why do we like Roger Oates flooring so much?

Well, for a start we have the utmost respect for their designs and the quality of their products. Even though Roger has retired, you can tell that his legacy lives on. The team are so passionate and devoted to maintaining his high standards.

They use 100% wool with a large percentage coming from the UK, so it has excellent sustainable credentials. Their eponymous stripes can pattern match around curved staircases, and they have a network of fitters that are all trained in-house so that the quality of the fitting is second to none.

We’ve been to lots of showrooms and factories over the years. You can always tell when there is real dedication. The staff are enthused and full of pride. It’s the way we approach our projects and we love to work with like minded companies.


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