Power Of Kindness
Power Of Kindness
Power Of Kindness
I hope you and your family are well and are coping with the constraints of the lockdown.
I know many people have real restrictions – no green space, looking after very young children, trying to work from home and worrying about income. There is comfort in knowing that this time will pass. There will once again be more certainty and freedom, and I’m confident we’ll appreciate it so much more.
On the first of April 2009, our home burned down. Thankfully it was early evening, and no-one was hurt, but we raced out of the house with just the dog and my handbag.
We were overwhelmed by the extraordinary kindness of people. A stranger persuaded the Lygon Arms Hotel to put us up for several nights. A neighbour turned up the following morning with a fistful of cash to see us through the first few days. My Mum and Dad deposited a generous sum of money into our bank account, and a friend offered us a place to live while the house was rebuilt. Each person made such a difference to our experience, transforming it from an awful event into something that we could draw good from.
The recent events have reminded me of those times. While a lot of people are enduring hardships and terrible losses, I hope that they’re as lucky as we were to be surrounded by such compassion and to see the power of kindness.
I witness small examples of thoughtfulness every day. From the cheery hello from a delivery driver to overhearing the chat from a carer visiting our neighbour.
I love listening to the latter sections of the news where they focus on communities pulling together, COVID 19 survivors thanking their doctors and the fantastic fundraising efforts of people like Captain Tom.
I really hope we can grasp this goodwill and change our society for the better rather than rushing to return to the old normal.
Stay safe and stay well and if you have any Interior Design problems then do get in touch – we can deal with a lot of issues over a video call.
Best wishes Helen x


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